When coffee costs me a mullet.

The price of my coffee went up considerably. This time I payed for my time alone with my little girl’s curls.

While I was off on my weekly writing hour Little Miss Colonel gave herself a mullet.

Yep, Joe Dirt style. Remember him?

Business in the front, party in the back.

Now I know you aren’t supposed to have to close your eyes when you look at your little darlings but her “do” has taken quite some getting used to.

Oh I could salvage a little here and the semblance of bangs but she snipped herself nearly bald from forehead to ears.

My poor hubby was changing Mr. Ez’s diaper while Little Miss Colonel took a bath. Or so he thought. She climbed out, up on the counter and got right to work.

In her defense, she just wanted a Mohawk like her brothers are always talking about!

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9 thoughts on “When coffee costs me a mullet.”

  1. I remember the horror of coming home from a vacation without the kids to find my oldest son, then 8 or so, with a hideous haircut. We had left the children with the grandparents and Grandpa didn’t like Josh’s “long” hair. I cried. I was sooooo mad at Grandpa.

    1. Oh man! I think I would cry too. You’ve seen Scarfunkle’s hair. :) At least when they do it themselves it doesn’t feel premeditated or a reflection on you.

  2. So far, my kids have only had a minor self hair cutting adventure. I on the other hand cut my own hair super short when I was in JR High. I was trying to get the “Farrah” hair… apparently I didn’t bother to notice that she had LONG hair with that style. My hair was a tad longer than a pixie when I was done! haha! My poor mom. haha!

    1. Too funny! There’s a Fancy Nancy book where she cuts her hair before school pictures. Little Miss Colonel got the book from her aunt after the event and Aunt Mary didn’t even know she’d done it. Matt and I rolled on the floor laughing as we read.

  3. Of course, all my kids chopped their hair with scissors and ended up looking similar to your princess. But, the best story is when my teenage daughter read in a fashion magazine if you bent over from the waist and shook all your hair down, you could cut straight across with a scissors and give yourself great layers. My daughter got a reverse mullet, with a big chunk cut out of the back of her hair. I had to take her immediately to a stylist to try to find a haircut that would work while it grew out. This same daughter glued her eyes shut using a mask that is not supposed to go over and on your eyes….

    1. Oh man she sounds so much like mine! Little missy did it again! She is addicted to scissors and all that girlie stuff. Oh boy! Great story, thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice Joe Dirt reference. I’m impressed. My little guy hasn’t done this to himself yet. I did however catch him, scissors in hand, sneaking up behind me while I sat on the couch. He told me he wanted to cut my hair like his had just been cut. He was about 18 inches away when I caught him. Glad I did. Kiddos + scissors = trouble.

    1. Oh my Amy! That was a close one. Yes Joe Dirt cracks me up. ;)

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