What do an egging, a log, a baby, and a shower have in common? UBP of Course!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Has it really been four years since my first Ultimate Blog Party?



“Consider Yourself Egged”

Back then I was a baby blogger, still trying to write gluten free recipes. Problem? I don’t like to cook! Sure it’s unique that I’m celiac but it’s no excuse for torture.


I egged everyone who visited Gluten Free 4 Goofs and said this,

One day I tried to sum up my hobbies into a single word and Farm is all I could come up with.  I like so many things; family, animals, crafting, baking, teaching, gardening, singing, drawing, building, researching, horseback riding, strange pets, hiking, motorcycling, traveling, playing blocks with my three boys and rocking with my baby girl!

I met Deborah and The Purple Moose and I learned that I prefered finding joy in every day simplicity more than taking pictures of peanut butter on rice cakes.

Linda at the Gluten Free Homemaker helped me find my voice and urged me to start fresh.



“Howdy Doo”

Probably the title that prompted the funniest Google search phrase that has ever sent traffic to my blog, “How do rednecks say hello?”

The whole fam sitting on the hitching post

“If you’ve ever locked yourself in the bathroom to drink your coffee while little fingers groped under the door for mamma, you might be in the right place. If you’ve ever googled “how to remove an object from the nose”, you might be in the right place.”

43 comments (including my own that year) and I see one familiar face Beth @ TheAngelForever.



I missed the party.

I was a tad bit preoccupied…

But that was the year I chased my childhood dream of becoming an author. I purchase my domain and couldn’t wait to find all my old blog friends and make some new.

Moving blogs again was a lonely business!



“What You Shouldn’t Say at Blog Party”

I would definitely not tell you that I showered for the party. It’s probably the first time this week. Could that have something to do with these darlings?

So far there are 63 comments and counting. I’ve made lasting friendships already and grown the Facebook community. To my delight, my blog was touted as several people’s favorite UBP12 post during the first Twitter party.

You gals made my week! I am honored.

But it’s not the numbers that excite me. It’s the inspiration I get from you, and the laughing we can do. Even soul searching and always coffee sipping.

Stay a while and smell the mountain air. There’s always an extra seat at the table.

I wonder what next year will bring.

Have you started out with the “wrong blog” and had to take a detour?

7 thoughts on “What do an egging, a log, a baby, and a shower have in common? UBP of Course!”

  1. Obviously I have, since I have had quite a few blogs over the years. But feel like I’m at home now. Sometimes its hard to learn how to be yourself, especially in blog world.

    1. Yes that is absolutely true. Glad you are “home”!

  2. Since I am a recent follower of your blog, it was great to read this post and see where life has taken you! Sometimes I feel like I am stumbling along on this blogging road, but I am beginning to embrace that knowing that it is better to stumble and be moving then to just be sitting comfortably, but going nowhere!
    I love your blog!

    1. That’s so true. And it all takes practice and experience.

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog this week from the UBP! At one time I had three blogs — My main blog (My Freshly Brewed Life), an Art blog showcasing my art, and a healthy journey blog. But when I moved to Word Press last year, it was so much easier to have pages and bring them all together. At least I think the name of my blog allows me to blog about anything, especially COFFEE!

    Following on Facebook!

    1. I’m glad we connected too, Barbie. We do have a lot in common. It’s just so hard to pick between life’s adventures, art and coffee. :)

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