I’m a sucker for strays. Welcome “Jack” Rabbit

Here’s our newest farm addition, Jack. I believe she is a Cinnamon. You gotta love the unlikely story of the breed’s origin right here in the Pacific Northwest. Two kids from of Missoula MT bred a Chinchilla doe and a New Zealand buck in 1962. Their father didn’t want to keep any of the crossbred rabbits but they persuaded their father and over the next couple years and a long series of events, the breed was born. You can read more about it here.

We have our own persuading to do.

Do you think it would work if I told Matt I found her?

My sister’s neighbor apparently let his rabbits out in her neighborhood. At least two were hit in the road and this one ended up on a friend’s porch, dehydrated and scared but when the kids approached her she went right to them. That’s when they called me.

Jessie will take it!

I think I’ve turned into my mother. :) Love ya mom!

The friend who found it, feared her dog would eat this little rabbit for a snack.

So, we’ve inherited another farm friend.

Loud Kiddington had her named before she got here. Jack is gender neutral right? ;)

I’ve made an arrangement with my growing up boy -I can’t believe he is almost five- because he wanted to call this pet his own. If he complains about feeding and watering her, he has to skip his goody snack. Of course I’ll feed the kid but no fruit snacks or other yummy treat. We’ll see how this goes. Do you kids have their own pets?

How much you wanna bet she is pregnant?

Oh well, no going back now.

Do you take in strays?

Share your tips for kids and pets.

7 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for strays. Welcome “Jack” Rabbit”

  1. That has got to be the biggest rabbit I have ever seen! It dwarfs our wild Florida ones… lol

    You are sweet to take in a stray… I cannot say, I share the same compassion for animals… although, my kiddos wish I did… and not because we haven’t had our fair share… with chinchilla and rabbit on the list!

    She’s cute :)

    1. Michele, this one is puny compared to the Giant Angora we used to have. He was Sooooo cool. Someday I’ll probably get another. I was learning to spin wool. ;) But we like Jack too just not furry!

      1. You’ve got to see this one! http://jessiegunderson.com/?p=1635

        And I completely understand. My Bff is like you. She likes animals all right but isn’t crazy about tons. I can never have enough. We even a milk goats for “fun” before! That’s a GREAT story that I really oughta tell. :)

  2. Love your book idea…neat idea posting your WIP on your home page. My writing partner and I have finished one book and sent it out to publishers and are now working on another idea! Writing is work, but so much fun.
    The rabbit is very cute!
    Keep up the God work.

    1. Thank you, thank you Lori! I’ll be looking for your book. :)

  3. I take in strays, too. Hence, the 4 cats that rule my house. Jack is a beautiful rabbit!

    1. Haha! It’s hard not to. I took in two cats for the barn and ended up with 12 by spring one year. Oops!

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