The Bravest Person I Know

Tonight brave was a cup of coffee at 5 PM so I could visit with my hubby as I got ready for a writers conference tomorrow. It felt brave at the time but now it’s 2 AM and I can’t sleep and it seems plain stupid.

So here goes my 5 minutes on BRAVE for The Gypsy Mama’s weekly fun with words carnival.

Brave isn’t doing what you know you can do it’s going through with the thing in spite of the reality staring you in the face.

The bravest people I know haven’t chosen their mountains.

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Firefighters
  • Military
  • Mothers with empty wombs
  • Mothers with full houses
  • Elderly
  • Pastors

Sure there is the tightrope-walk-over-Niagra-Falls variety but I can’t help but see the bravery of those who don’t want something in return except to love someone better, be someone better or survive something for the family they would leave. Even sometimes, learning to accept a circumstance for the hope it brings someone. Or find the gem in the ugliest circumstances.

I’ll tell you what brave is. When my dad learned he had Alzheimer’s at fifty seven and had to retire from thirty years at the fire department he assured me that it was better than him finding out one of us kids or grandkids died in a car accident.


Sheesh! And I vowed to myself last week that I’d write something cheerful and upbeat this week. I hope this isn’t a downer. I’m really proud of my dad and we just had a date last weekend. God has halted the progression of his Az for the time being and His word promises that he will be healed. On earth or in heaven. One way or another, he is the bravest person I know.

27 thoughts on “The Bravest Person I Know”

  1. Good early morning sister Jessie! So true, so true. Bravery comes in the face of a God allowed circumstance. Bravery is courage. Courage is in the image of God…. I love your list of the brave. So true that we don’t pick those circumstances for bravery. I am a coward by nature. I have been put in those bravery-required circumstances… And I wouldn’t trade them for anything now. It was in those times, that I didn’t feel brave, but leaned on One whose courage carried me on wings of comfort and drew me in to personal depths otherwise unknown. I love you sister and am so excited for your brave and fun weekend ahead! Praying for you!

    1. Yes Lisa, I definitely see “brave” on you in the comfort of the One who Is courage. :) Thanks lady!

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your dad! This is truly lovely and no, I don’t think it is a “downer.”

    1. Oh good! Thank you for being here and sharing your thoughts!

  3. I agree with Mary–definitely not a downer! Your Dad is a remarkable man who has always lived life with courage—it’s bravery in a different form now. He’s an incredible man who has incredible kids. :-)

  4. This was beautiful, and so true. I have trouble being impressed with those who invent feats of strength and bravery. Brave, for me, was watching my mother face widowhood at age 34, with 3 kids and no income. With a phone call, her life changed, and she stood up and she faced it with strength I didn’t know she had. Your dad is that kind of brave, and it is inspiring. I love the line about healing. It is true. This body and this flesh will fade, but one day, all things will be made new. Blessings to you!

    1. Ah Kristen! That IS brave. And in time the birth pains will be over.

  5. That is a great picture of dad :)! I agree his is brave and sure makes you look differently at your own battles in life that come up.

  6. Not a downer. A beautiful reminder that the ordinary have the ability to be courageous and brave in the circumstances they find themselves in. Love that you and your dad are close. Beautiful.

    1. Me too. I know it’s a rare blessing to have such incredible parents. Thanks for being here Alia.

  7. I think it is brave to go to a writer’s conference. Good for you. And your dad…he sounds very brave. You are right, the bravest people aren’t the ones who choose the circumstances. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Beautiful Jesse- It was inspiring not discouraging or a downer at all.
    I wish more people would write from the heart as you did here- ! So transparent and what a loving tribute to those who are so brave!

  9. Jesse,

    I know, and understand, this kind of bravery.

    My mom battled lung cancer for five months before going home to be with the Lord. It was an unbearable and difficult time, but her bravery, courage and trust will stand as a testament to me as to what we, in the face of ultimate “uncontrol” can endure when we trust God.

    Enjoy these “brave moments” with your father—and be sure to let him know.


  10. Your words aren’t a “downer” at all. Your dad is inspiring. And your *list* of those who are truly brave is right on. This is a beautiful post, Jessie. Simply beautiful.

    I’m so excited to hear that you’re working on a book!

  11. ……..I am not sure I can keep reading your blogs….they are so moving and powerful to me; I always get emotional………so full of Love.

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