Spring and I get Frosty Horse Breath On My Window

Hello spring. Hello friends.

I’ve got a fire in the wood stove and snow on the ground.

Welcome to my woods.

Look who I found “knocking” at the back door. They wondered what I was doing up so early. So I gave them some pats and stoked the fire.

I love the grassy smell of horses.

Even though I’ve been dreaming of flowers and seedlings I like the warmth of the wood stove too.

Rest a little, says the Lord. Know me and be still.

I’ve been striving again. Rushing through by Bible study because I know I want to be in Him but I haven’t actually been.

The snow is a blessing, slowing me down, making me think.



I’ve been chomping at the bit to start digging in the garden but clearly I should wait. I know better. I’ve lived her almost all my life and we can get substantial snow up through May.

What’s your favorite thing to plant in your garden?

I found this cool resource with indoor and outdoor planting guides by zip code. It’s called Sprout Robot.

It tells me now is the time for leeks.

Not exactly what I was thinking. ;)

Check out other cute outdoor ideas on my Pinterest board.

What will you be planting this week?

Oops, I’ve already gone back to the task…

And don’t forget to just be!

15 thoughts on “Spring and I get Frosty Horse Breath On My Window”

  1. What the heck? Like horses just walk up to your house window? That would FREAK ME OUT! I’m a city slicker. I wouldn’t know one end of a horse from the other if you paid me. Well, maybe I could identify the stinky end if there were a prize involved.

    Enjoy that fire. I love the smell.

    1. Haha! Ah but there is a prize. Haven’t you ever heard of cow pie bingo? ;)

  2. After putting my barrel mare down two years ago, we’ve been horseless. I miss the smell and warm puff of breath on my face in the morning. :)
    I’m itching to plant to Jess, but we had a fresh inch of snow (you win) this morning. My garlic is up, but I don’t have anything else in. But nature will be providing with us morrel mushrooms in about 3 weeks I think. It should tide me over til planting time, about the end of May here.

    1. OH NOOOOOOO! :( Makes me sad. I have stories about horselessness that I’ll have to share. Really shows God’s love and provision when I thought he’d forgotten my love.

      Ah, I should go get some garlic and onions and possibly potatoes. They would grow!

      Yeah, we have to wait until May/June too. Although, I’ve been experimenting with cold frames, like old windows, milk jugs etc.

  3. I know I saw the second picture before, and they’re all awesome, but the third picture is especially beautiful!!! I would love to come visit “your woods” sometime : )

      1. I just started reading a book set in Idaho, so in a small way I’m visiting : )

          1. A Vote of Confidence by Robin Lee Hatcher. It’s set in 1915. Loving it so far!

          2. I love that one! I almost asked, “Is it A Vote of Confidence?” Ha! Enjoy it.

  4. I love that picture of your horses saying good morning!
    I’m glad that you took advantage of our lovely weather to be still. The perennials and bulbs in the garden are growing in the stillness of not-quite-spring, we can too. Waiting isn’t always passive…

    1. Ah man, you say it so well. I don’t like waiting. I like being busy but it’s such a killer of joy sometimes. Thanks for the reminder, Friend.

  5. Ok, seriously? I can’t think of any better way to wake up than a hot mug of coffee and steamy horse breath on my windows. There’s just something amazing about horses. Love your photos.

    1. Ah thank you. Yes it was a surprise blessing to a day I thought was going to stink. I was totally ready for spring then we got several inches of snow overnight. I like snow but… ;) Loved petting my horses in the frosty air though!

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