Quick Hello – cleaning, music, babies, mom crafts and more

I hope you are having a wonderful August! The fair just closed, which to me, always feels like the official close of summer. I know I said no posts this month but I’m avoiding housework. :)

The Artistic Mother: A Practical Guide to Fitting Creativity into Your LifeDo you want to join me in working through this beautiful art book for moms?

I’d like to work through the 12 week art course with other moms. Would you like to order the book and blog your progress too? I can tell you in advance, I won’t be accomplishing it in 12 weeks. It will be more of a here and there process. But the “homework” is manageable even if you want to keep to the schedule. Order yours and look it over. I want to start in September sometime.

Here is what I’ve been up to in random order…

  • The hogs are filling out. We just went to the farmer to get another 900lbs of grain that should finish them off by Thanksgiving.

I still have a very sad garden. :( The only things I’ve been able to harvest are red potatoes and a few golf ball sized onions. The carrots are ready. It seems only below ground vegetables worked this year. I am holding out hope for some tomatoes, garlic and my squash plants have little baby zucchini, summer squash and pie pumpkins on them so keep growing!

  • Baby is growing. I guess I’m making skin right now! Yesterday I got my first dizzy spell. That’s never happened before, that I can remember. It’s funny how mushy my brain is too. I went to my first appointment at 12wks. I knew all the pertinent dates, even conception but I still had myself all messed up. My midwife did the calculations and she said, “Jess you are 16wks not 12, we need to draw blood today.” I’m a month further along than I originally thought. Must be another girl. :) Too funny!
  • On birthing… I was talking to a friend of ours who is an anesthesiologist and telling him my birth stories, including the one time I got an epidural. I told him that I’ve decided (through personal experience, assisting a mother in her hospital birth and extensive research) that birthing naturally is a matter of education and being confident in what God made our bodies to do. I love this quote on Dayspring’s website, “Childbirth should be viewed as a natural undertaking in life, not a medical crisis…” Here is what my friend, whose career is largely dependant on epidurals said,  “If more mothers educated themselves I’d be out of a job.”
  • As we “speak” I’m rocking out with our favorite net radio station www.christianrock.net
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Call it nesting or fall cleaning but I’m on a rampage to get my basement cleared out so we can finish the drywall and floors. I’m hoping to acid wash the concrete and get the majority of the unfinished space usable by the time baby comes. Has anyone ever done the acid wash? NO I’m not doing it but I can coach my hubby on how to do it rather than having to hire it out. Seriously, how hard can it be? As long as you don ‘t melt your shoes right? :-]
  • Requests I’ve had for future blog posts… my testimony, baby bump pictures and my favorite gluten free pizza crust recipe. Any other requests? I’m not guaranteeing anything! ;)

10 thoughts on “Quick Hello – cleaning, music, babies, mom crafts and more”

  1. My friend Karen at http://www.OnlySometimesClever.com left this comment regarding this post (that I put up at my other blog too). I had to share it here…

    Jessie, I remember a Christian leadership/worldview retreat I went to when I was 17… (http://www.summit.org/) and one of the things that stuck with me is that one of the most effective debate tools is to use the words/quotes of our opponents against them. I’m not as combative about my beliefs as I used to be, but I couldn’t help but think that, as I read what the anesthesiologist said. He is acknowledging that he’s in a job that he KNOWS would disappear if women educated themselves. Hm…

    Acid wash: We did an acid stain on some concrete pads in front of our house. It really wasn’t hard. Sealed it with a clear matte finish. This is what we used: http://www.cohills.com/pdf/Cohills_Pro_Series.pdf We used English Leather, which is a deep brown with a bit of rust in it. Looks fab.

  2. Ah you are always a plethera of information! Thanks, I can’t wait to get to work er’ um’ crack the whip on this project. HA! Your choice of color sounds divine, absolutely the thing I was looking for.

    On the “delivery debate” I found it refreshing that he basically said, “Yes, you girls don’t need me and if only you knew.” He is a very kind, Christian friend but I felt a tinge of vindication. Of course not toward him but towards the notion that women can’t or don’t want to be educated. Anyhoo… I couldn’t wait to quote him to my dear friend who is a nurse and wants desperately to deliver her next baby without the knife. Hm is right.

  3. Glad to hear from you & that your August went well. Sorry about your garden. I’ve gotten quite a few small tomatoes & might get a very small bell pepper, but we won’t get much more. Our apple tree has ONE apple on it (due to a late freeze).

    I can’t help but be envious about your coming baby. I do so wish God would bless us that way. Sigh.

    But it is fun to read about your adventures with your blessings! :)

    Take care.

    1. I have ONE apple too! Weird. :)

      I know about the baby. Feel free to print my picture off and throw darts at it if it helps. I’d hug you if I could!

  4. whoa whoa whoa… pregnant? what have I been missing!? congratulations!!! (where have I been?!)

  5. Congrats on your very exciting news.
    Hummmm I have an apple tree & yard full of apples, come on over :)
    The book looks intresting. Please post us updates on your remodle of the basement. I have a basement in need of finishing and have also been thinking about staining the floor.

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