Piglet time

I picked up two 8wk old wiener pigs the other day. The price went down this year so that was a blessing. They were $65 each. My friend laughed when I said I was going to “have fun” picking up pigs.


Yeah, I guess I’m weird, I think its fun. They are cute when they are little. Good thing they get big, mean and ugly by Thanksgiving.

It is always fun for the kids to see the newborn piglets. Boy are those sow’s monstrerous!

Last years pigs were named “Bacon” and “Steak”. You can guess who named them. This year I think I’ll call them “T” and “G” for Thanks and Giving to remind me not to have them buthchered too soon. Our first attempt resulted in meat that was very lean and tasty but quite a small amount.

We buy grain direct from the grower. He is great. We tell him what we have and he mixes the right grains for an excellent well rounded, local feed and just the right protein content. He even has an old fashion truck scale that we get weighed on before and after.

Don’t tell Grammy Lynda (haha) but one of the pigs is a red head. :(

13 thoughts on “Piglet time”

  1. Love the first photo of T or is it G?? :)
    When we raised cattle any of the calves that were born that we knew would become freezer meat we named meat names.
    We had T-Bone,Ribeye, we even named one meat real creative on that one ;)

    1. Who knows which is which. LOL! I don’t even know if they are girls or boys or one of each. I think my thinglets have renamed them Petunia and Petal. I do have a hunch on is a boy though. Ha!

  2. They are cute. I once saw a lamb get “sacrificed” on the Day of Pentecost when I was in Romania many years ago. The people in the village were doing it for our mission group that came in. They slit its throat in front of us. I bawled for an hour…vowing to become a vegetarian. And then… hours later as we were working in our medical clinic I smelled the most incredible stew. Lamb stew. After smelling it simmer all day….. it was the best darn stew I EVER had. heehee.

  3. I am with you Jess…piglets are stinkin cute!! I can’t wait to see you…are you going to Rewired saturday? If not, hope to see you at the potluck on Monday!!

    Love you & God bless~


    1. Yep, I lead worship on Sat. so you’ll see me both days. Pray for me cause I’m having a grumpy attitude about getting up early. LOL! I had so much fun this week that I’m boycotting getting back into real life. :)

  4. I’ll be honest, animals have so much personality, i don’t “get” eating them.

    On rare occasion i still have meat, i still eat fish & seafood. But i have a hard time with raising animals for meat. I’m not trying to criticize you. Just saying it is something i struggle over, personally.

    1. I’m not easy to offend. :) I have to pep talk myself on this very issue every year. I get attached but when we buy the mean anyway I figure I am a much kinder, better owner than they would get if sent to a comercial farm and I know what goes into them. So, you don’t think fish have personality? LOL

      1. I’ve not known many fish. We have some in my office & the office manager is quite attached to them. I do need some protein source in my life beyond plant source, & i guess i see the fish as the lesser “evil” choice of the choices i have. ;)

  5. I know I am not supposed to covet, but I am a little jealous! :)

    When I read that ham from the store is injected with 35% water and whatever garbage they put in them, I was SO longing to just raise my own pigs. I long to have REAL food again, like when we lived in the country growing up and was able to grow and raise our own. City life certainly has its downside.

    1. Look for a co-op. Not sure how hard it is to find but you might call a butcher and ask about a local grower or find contacts at a farmers market! Good luck.

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