Outside the Lines Update

Outside the Lines at Jessie Gunderson.comUpdate on the weekly Outside the Lines journaling link up. Coming in the near future to a Blog Schmog near you!

Are you excited? I am!

My mind is reeling with ideas and things to consider as we look forward to faith journaling together. I’m so passionate about this topic but I want to approach it prayerfully and simply. Sometimes I get so excited and have so many ideas, I forget the whole purpose…ANYONE can do this and grow closer to God even with a busy life.

Growing up in the church gave me a beautiful foundation for life with Jesus as my Lord but on the other hand, I struggle not to take faith for granted. I came at journaling from a place of expectation and with a somewhat Pharisaical heart. So as I prepare to help you see time with God in a new light I am praying and seeking Him to pave the way.

What you can do while you wait:

  • Pray with me and ask God to go before us and show us His creative heart.
  • Grab the button. The code is on the right toolbar.
  • Share the Marker Art post with a sample journal page with a friend or on your Facebook wall. -click here for the post-


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