No Brakes on That Trike!

She waved good-bye and then…

I snapped a picture.

Her smiling.

Him still a little unsure on the double trike.

It’s only his second ride. Not to mention, he hates the hat.

Little girl and her baby brother on a tandem trike.

But as they rolled on by he smiled.
He trusted me.
As I snapped away with my camera.

Baby smiles

They picked up momentum as the road began to slope toward our driveway.

A beautiful day.

A long awaited walk up and back down our rural hill.

Kids and dogs riding down a rural roadThe neighbors dog came out to greet ours and all seemed well as I clicked and clicked. Until…

I realized she was picking up speed. I started to warn her. “Slow down.”

She doesn’t know how!

“Put your feet down.”

She’s never had to use the brakes before!

Now they are too far ahead and I begin to run. Screaming for her to stop, slow down or just brace herself.

No helmets, we never see any cars and a trike can’t go fast right?

What have I allowed?

She is laughing and giggling with glee or sheer terror I don’t know but I can’t run fast enough and I see it in slow motion. The long trike is too fast. My heart beats faster as my feet pound the gravel.

Picking up Speed on their trikes.No don’t. Don’t crash.

She’ll get off with a scrape or two but the baby! Not the baby!

The trike rolls over the two of them and skids to a stop. I can’t breathe. I’m crying and running. What have I done?

Then I hear them.

Both of them crying.

My feet keep eating up the road but my heart begins to settle.

God has his hand on my children. He has protected them.

I skid to a stop and unbuckle him, scooping him up. Kissing his little head, brushing the pebbles from his forehead. Nothing major. Just a little scrape. It’s not even bleeding.

“I’m sorry I crashed mama.”

I scoop her up too.

“No honey, I’m sorry I didn’t teach you how to stop first.”

Thank the Lord his angels protected us today.

I wonder how many times I do that to Him. Wave good-bye on a grand adventure. Happy in my new found bliss only to discover I didn’t learn a vital lesson. Then I crash and He picks me up.


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23 thoughts on “No Brakes on That Trike!”

  1. We had almost the exact same incident this week! I tell ya, our lives mirror one another sister! Ethan was going down our rural gravel road when I suddenly realized that the only brakes he knew how to use were his feet. He went end-over-end but thankfully had his helmet on and came through with just a few scratches. And like you, I had camera in hand! Hindsight is funny, but yeah, I felt pretty guilty : )

    1. Really? How crazy. Were we watching the same “movie”? :) I know really? “He trusted me”. Boohoo, bad mama! He had a scratch near his eye (went away quick and I was obsessive about watching him for signs of concussion-my dad was an EMT) anyway I told Matt, “I thought he’d be worse off but he might have a black eye.” He goes, “Well thank the Lord for black eyes then.” Knowing it could have been worse. I think it was worse because I felt so helpless and stupid!

  2. You had my heart in my throat! I’m glad your kids’ adventure wasn’t disastrous. I love the comparison to how we can tend to race ahead of God when he hasn’t yet taught us how to brake. I’m thankful he always picks us up!

    1. Yes, amen to that! No disaster, just a scared mama.

      He picks us up and never says I told ya so. Just constantly revealing more of himself. :)

  3. So glad your babies are safe…

    So glad you hear the Lord whispering such a beautiful thought…

    So glad you’re getting published so more people can be encouraged by your heart…

    So glad I know you…

  4. So glad everyone’s alright! I had that happen to me once, although I wasn’t little, and I was on a regular two-wheeled bike that I didn’t know didn’t have brakes, and I ended up in a holly bush lol. That was painful!

    I love the pictures, especially the second one. So adorable!

  5. Loved your analogy. So true. We do too often just go off merrily without first learning important things we’ll need. Thank goodness our God is so forgiving, eh? :)

    1. That little bit from personal experience. Sigh! :)

  6. Such a great and true lesson. I am so glad God is so much more patient with me than I am with others. Your story reminds me of a time your brother put my son on your Dad’s motorcycle and forgot to teach him how to break! He crashed into grammy D’s van!

    1. That’s true about me too. I’m not patient. Especially not with myself. I am so glad my kids aren’t the only ones to ding the van. I never knew that. lol

  7. You have beautiful kids! I’m happy to read that nothing really bad happened to them. They’re very young; in my home country (Argentina) we like to say that kids that age are made of rubber… Still, scary.

    You, like me and every parent, will go through many moments like these in the years to come. Isn’t it great to know that there’s always be a Hand ready to pick you up every time you fall?

    Thanks for following, and thanks for giving me the chance to get to know your blog! :-)

    1. It looked much worse that it was for sure. :) Still made me feel like a failure!

      Love that “there’s always a Hand ready to pick you up”! Exactly. :)

  8. Love it! My heart was in my mouth too….Great development and yes, pictures do say a 1000 words ;-)
    Congratulations on being published! I so enjoy everything you write.
    The “home grown” are so fun. Love Mr Ez’s smile of total trust and sheer enjoyment.
    You are blessed indeed ;-)

  9. Oh man. So beautiful on several lessons. Love it…and it frightens me to think of saying goodbye to my children. Can’t imagine how it makes Him feel ALL. THE. TIME.

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