Muddy Mama: No Brakes on That Trike

Baby smiles

My muddy mama experience last week happened to coincide with Five Minute Friday. Read No Brakes on That Trike and learn what happens when a mama is distracted taking pictures and a little girlie is at the wheel. Trike wheel, that is.

Join in! Feel free to past a link to your Muddy Mama moment in the comments below or a picture and/or link on the Facebook wall HERE.

Encourage someone! I’m hoping we can be real about our trials and, through the relationships made here, find a reason to smile and laugh together at our misfortunes. So if you share, try to encourage another person who participates.

These posts were shared on the Facebook page last week.

The Lumberjacks Wife-My three year old just walked outside, got naked, and started jumping on the trampoline. He was also a bit of an exhibitionist at yesterday’s Easter dinner: H is For Hostess With the Mostess¬†

Heather at Peach and Cherry- Here is one of mine… My Evening Went Like This

And here is Amanda’s link up-¬†Mac is at his naughtiest when I’m in the bathroom.

5 thoughts on “Muddy Mama: No Brakes on That Trike”

  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, we have some things in common. :) Following you now. Glad your babies are okay. They are cuties.

    1. Boy am I too! :) Thanks for visiting, I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

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