Muddy Mama and Community Fun

Merry Christmas! Here are some exciting changes in the works for 2012. I hope you’ll subscribe so you don’t miss anything.

Learn to Color Outside the Lines!

Muddy Mama:

Do you long for time alone or quiet moments for devotion? I can’t promise quiet but I can help you learn how to recharge and make purposeful time with God in the midst of the mud of motherhood! We’ll use creative mediums from the written word to crayon. Watch for updates. Subscribe HERE and posts will come right to your email.

Facebook contest:

LIKE the Jessie Gunderson Author Facebook page HERE and share pictures of your kids’ mayhem in the upcoming Mama Mud folder for a chance to be featured on the blog. Anything that will someday be funny! :) You know the stuff… it’s written all over your walls, my kitchen chair and it might even be a pile of curls on the floor.

Fun and Games:

As a preview to another fun change I’m sending you on a scavenger hunt. Beware, winning prizes may be a factor. ;)

  1. Search through December posts to find the “You might be a mom if…” joke.
  2. Make sure you have commented on that post. But DON’T give away the joke location. Shhh!
  3. Email the tagline to me at
  4. Watch for a winner and future scavenger hunts

Share this page so your friends can get involved!

See you soon!


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