Mini Photo Gallery-Guilty as Charged!

My grandma has the greatest sense of humor. She bought this sign for me months ago but second guessed it, thinking I might be offended. Did I also mention she too is an over thinker?

The other day I was borrowing some wrapping paper and she got this mischievous look on her face. Almost guilty and she went to the closet and pulled out a long flat package. She kept smirking, holding it to her chest and finally explained how she’d picked up the gift for me but worried to the point that she hid it and let two holidays pass.

In the privacy of her basement she let me unwrap it and see for myself.

It’s perfect!

I told her I’d just threatened to change my name that very day and had to apologize to Loud Kiddington for claiming I wasn’t mom anymore.

The sign says,

Who are all these kids and why do they keep calling me mom?

I laughed my head off and the next day went to work on a mini gallery I’d been planning.

The sign was the perfect last touch.

This gallery is also a great use for the sticky Velcro that I used for my Laundry Letters.

What do you think?

Do you have a photo gallery?

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6 thoughts on “Mini Photo Gallery-Guilty as Charged!”

  1. I had a photo gallery in a hallway but my hubby kept bumping into the wall and knocking the pictures down. So I got smart and revamped the area. I put those decal swirly embellishments and some words at shoulder level, stuck up an oversized photo printed on a flat piece of metal (super hard to knock down) and then put up a collage frame right about head level. I’m currently taking the gallery for a test drive and haven’t put any pix in the the collage frame yet, but so far, he hasn’t knocked this down and it’s been up a month. Guess I’ll put some ‘real’ photos in there instead of the smiley models it came with. Nah. Maybe I’ll just let visitors think those gorgeous people are related to us.

    1. LOL! That’s what happens with a picture I have on the wall next to the bed. EVERY day, he bumps, I replace, repeat. I should get smart eh? I love words on the wall. I used the sticky shelf paper and a friend’s cricut to put a verse on my wall. You can see it here BEWARE, the link takes you to an old old blog that is now just for my family’s fluten free recipes. :) Maybe I should bring the post over!

      I love collage. You’ll have to put up a picture! The metal sounds cool.

  2. I think your gallery wall looks great. I think the placement is pretty original. I’ve never seen one above a door. Looks great. Thanks for the comment

    1. Hah cool, I didn’t know it was original. :) I like that! Thanks back.

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