Mama Band-aids and Other Mud

Are you wondering what I mean by Mama MUD? Here is a re-post to give you some idea. Add your Mama Mud photo’s to the Facebook community here every Monday and/or write a post and leave a link in the comments or on the Fb wall. There’s safety in numbers! :)

I’m convinced that I might not survive my little girl. I don’t know how you moms with more than one of the “pretty in pink” species do it. Boys make an entirely different breed of mess. Somehow, for me, they are so much easier.

I decided to write so I don’t go ballistic or cry. It’s therapudic to share my frustrating moments and somehow, documenting it takes away a bit of the sting, reducing the boiling anger roiling in my chest. That’s what Muddy Mama is about.

Guess how I got to spend the baby free moments of a rare sunny Saturday morning?

Dealing with this…

The guest bathroom looks fabulous decorated with a whole roll of fluffy TP don’t you think? And the squirted out toothpaste adds a chic look to my stool. And everybody needs a soaking wet hand towel to primp themselves.

And this…

“Mommy bandaids” expertly unwrapped and stuck to the bathroom floor. More “stickers” (planter wart bandaids) stuck all over adding to the masterpiece. And no little girl mess decorating job would be complete without one hundred or so baby wipes in the trash. At least something made it to the trash!

I didn’t get a picture but Little Miss Colonel also poured a coffee can full of chicken mash into my clean laundry! Here chicky chicky, come into my laundry room and clean my clothes please. What was she thinking?

All I wanted to do was trim my rose canes and attempt a batch of gluten free Matzo for a Christian Seder.

Check out this post on Gina Conroy’s blog with a script and family friendly ideas for doing an easy Christian Seder.

11 thoughts on “Mama Band-aids and Other Mud”

  1. Oh, I had one of those (mine was a girl, too)….crazy! laughed with you, not at you, though, because I know the frustration all too well…

    1. :) My friend said of my little girl, “If most people stand beside the balance beam and some walk on it, your little girl figures out a way to balance on the SIDE.” LOL She is certainly outside the box!

  2. My oldest boy was the most curious, my youngest boy has the strongest will but my daughter has been really easy and mellow in a lot of ways. Although, when she was a baby she used to take off her pajamas in her crib and take off her diaper. Majorly yucky messes. I tried everything to keep her in, from baby safety pins to putting the sleepers on with the zipper in the back. And although she’s a sweety, she’s still my biggest mess maker of all time. :)

    1. Oh man, those are the worst messes. Been there too…. Curiosity makes for pretty smart kids though. I keep reminding myself.

  3. Out of my five kids my climber-boy has been my hardest because unlike the other kids, there is no such thing as putting things away out of reach. If it is something that he wants, he can get to it. He also tinkers and takes apart so that just adds to the ‘muddiness’. Someday I will put him to work putting things together for me and getting be things out of the cupboard that I can’t reach. Right now I just have to make sure that he does not break himself.

    1. I have one of those too Kathi. In fact, Scarfunkle took apart my kitchen table when he was three. He unscrewed all the leg bolts. I wondered why it was so wiggly! Love that you shared your muddiness. And yes, it is a struggle keeping them from harm. Hence my boys nick name! Great story.

  4. I too, write to take the sting out. What a glorious gift we’ve been given. It’s better than Neosporin for combatting infection and festering wounds!

    1. It puts thing in perspective doesn’t it Audra?

  5. I’m beginning to think it’s the kid, not the gender? Cause I have one of each, and (up until the drama of 1st grade and being 7) she has been SUPER easy and well behaved by default. But my 1 1/2 yr old little man, on the other hand… daily gives us a huge run for our money! Your bathroom looks like one of HIS creations, not hers… ;-)

    1. LOL! You might be right. And I told my hubby the other day, “myschief means curiosity and a curious mind is a smart mind.” I hope I’m right! lol

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