Laundry Face Lift

I wish I was here to tell ya’ I could make your laundry take half the time for a fraction of the cost. Sorry that’s not what this post is about but I promise, if you’re close and you feed me coffee, I’ll fold it all for you.

You’ll have to fight over that offer on the Facebook page. :)

Today I wanted to show you my laundry room face lift.

Sometimes you just need a little paint and some letters to make life pretty and those piles a little less daunting.

Here’s the big reveal.

A friend helped me paint the Country White walls a color that was supposed to match my living room which is a Golden Wheat but it ended up more like mustard. A little scary but I actually like it.

The “Drop Your Drawers” sign I did using a jig saw and Pressboard.

The letters are from Michael’s. I covered them with scrapbook papers that look like clothes.

I use a 25/75 ratio of Tacky Glue to Elmer’s. The Tacky by itself was too thick and made the paper pucker but the school glue made it wrinkle. There are probably better glue choices but this worked.

After gluing the letters to the pages and letting it dry I used a razor blade to trim excess paper and a fine sandpaper block to smooth the edges. You can even paint or stain the edge if you like. An ink pad brushed on the corners gives it a rustic look.

The letter R is a real pair of ripped jeans.


The letters are not hanging from the twine, I used this product to attach them to the wall and my sister helped me decide how to make them look like they’r hanging by angling them and clipping the clothes pin in the right place for visual appeal.

I’m kind of addicted to this velcro stuff.

You can buy it by clicking here   Scotch Multi-Purpose Fasteners, 3/4 x 18 Inches (RF7010)

Have a sunny mustardy day!

What’s your favorite chore? Is that a fair question? Ha!

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14 thoughts on “Laundry Face Lift”

  1. I love it! And I’m way impressed that you use a jigsaw. :) I love that Velcro stuff, too–I rarely use nails now.

    My favorite chore is organizing whatever it is that needs to be organized.

    1. Thank you, thank you. I’m surprised no one has asked about the laundry folding. ;)

    1. Thanks Laurel. I think I will make mini arrows for any friends crazy enough to put that saying on their wall! ;)

  2. Such a great job Jessie. I love the Drop your Drawers Arrow. Thanks for sharing it with me! Lesley

    1. Teehe! Thanks Lesley. Glad to welcome you to my web home too.

  3. Super Cute! My favorite chore? Mowing the lawn. I love the excuse to get outside.

    1. Oh you are so smart. I didn’t even think of outdoor chores. I agree with you. Anything outside!

  4. Jessie, I used to have a woodworking shop. Loved it. I used 1/8 inch plywood to make jigsaw puzzles. Had a scroll saw. Fun, fun! Glued the pic to the plywood and then cut it out.

    You are so artistic.

    Connie Schroeder

    1. Oh my goodness I’d love all the fun things I could make into puzzles. :) Sounds like tons of fun!

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