I’m a guest at the prettiest blog, The Little Brown House

HOW did I miss this? I think it’s a was a case of mistaken email identity ( I changed my email a couple months ago and don’t think my friend new about it). I am so excited to have been invited to write a post at The Little Brown House and now I’ve missed inviting you all. There’s no time like the present. You MUST visit Sharyl. She has some of the greatest tutorials on inexpensive yet gorgeous home deco. Go, go now before… oh I don’t know. There is always something crazy going on here.

I’m extremely honored that my good friend and one of the most creative ladies I know has invited me to guest post on her blog The Little Brown House.

I did not tell her about my chicken bum post. ;) She must not know how redneck I am or she wouldn’t have let me into her pretty little place. Just kidding. She knows and she still loves me.

Please go check her out and tell her I sent ya, finally!

2 thoughts on “I’m a guest at the prettiest blog, The Little Brown House”

  1. I am so sorry you didn’t know the day you were featured! Thank you so much for doing it – your post was adorable and I have received good feedback from my readers, so I guess you behaved yourself!! Thank you for all the sweet words you have here today about me – blushing…..:)

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