Deer in my front yard.

This morning we had a whole herd of deer walk through our front yard. The Thinglets, of course, were thrilled. Loud Kiddington can’t quit announcing it to the world!

Do you remember my redneck tarp barn? This bold little deer walked right in. Say hi to Haylee (the eye injury horse).

Here comes another one from the other side of the house. Can you see the black on her ears?

She walked right past my rig and behind the wood pile to meet up with the first one over at the “barn”.

Here’s the first, with lighter colored ears, who proceeded into the horse pasture, took a bite of hay and went on her way. You can see Mountain Mare’s tail. Click here for a virtual horseback ride into the Idaho mountains.

There were five or six deer that walked through this morning. I’m happy to share with all of you in cyber land! Now go get outside, wherever you are. Send me a picture of your front yard, an unusual sighting or whatever. Link back if you’d like. We can tour eachother’s stomping grounds. :)

5 thoughts on “Deer in my front yard.”

  1. You make me miss that part of the country. How did the hamburger soup turn out?

  2. How did I miss this post. Well today I have a bird in a tree. It’s my back yard, does that still count?

  3. Very cool!! We have moose come over sometimes. Lots of fun.

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