Dad’s Top Three Tips for Fun with Kids

One dad's tips for engaging kids.

Here’s some thoughts for dads across the country who are looking for ways to give their wives a break for Mother’s Day.

Apparently I’ve learned a few things about being dad over the last ten years. At least I have my wife fooled. One of the most roadworthy things I’ve picked up since we became a family of three, and now seven,  is the value of simple things in the relationship between my children and I. Heading toward the summer season I thought I would share three of the uncomplicated strategies that have not only passed time but helped draw us closer.

  1. Tell a joke, tickle an unsuspecting son/daughter, sing a silly song, turn you son upside down – I know that impromptu silly songs might not be your style and maybe your kid is not ticklish. The strategy here is laugh with your kids. Life is full of honey do’s and tasks to be accomplished but no time is a bad time to laugh together with your kids.
  2. Build something- you do not have to be mechanical or gifted in design to build castles out of a box of popsicles or stack wood blocks to make a tall tower. Consider if you have any hand tools that you can teach a son or daughter to use. They love the privilege of using dad’s tools and that makes them feel special. Even if they don’t become a master carpenter over night, they will bond over tools or hands on activities. Jessie loved to work on cars and build with her dad.
  3. Go for a bike ride, walk, or hike together – This always seems like an adventure to my kids and helps break up the day. It is even more fun if you can plan a trip (15 minutes can be a trip in the mind of a kid). My kids always love it if we get to bring water bottles or a snack on the trip. Often times on longer trips, our break part way through or at the end is a great chance for a meaningful talk in an unusual place.

It seems like the most effective methods for building relationship and having fun with my kids are always simple. It’s fun to go on vacation together, see a movie, or visit an amusement park but many of the best moments I’ve had with my children were far simpler than that.

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6 thoughts on “Dad’s Top Three Tips for Fun with Kids”

  1. Okay, so now I feel reeealllllyyyy old reading parenting advice given by my son! Ha! But seriously, I’ve seen my precious grandkidlettes respond to their Daddy’s tickles and tumbles, building things, and going on hikes. He knows what he’s talking about, and I’m not just bragging on him because he’s my son (well, maybe a little bit—okay, well, maybe a lot). :-)

    1. Hehe! Thanks for the comment. I’m sure he’ll love reading these! :)

  2. What a sweet perspective!!! Love this! It makes me so thankful for the father of my kids who does all of these things beautifully. I would also add that he takes my daughter on dates and has a “Daddy & Me” journal with my son- they write back and forth to each other. Personal time with Daddy is so special!
    Thanks for this post!!!!

    1. Cool tips Becky! We will definitely be doing “dates” when the kids are older. We’ve started that a bit with my big boys. :)

  3. Good advise! Very practical and some simple things that so many younger parents overlook. We always pack a small ice chest with drinks and string cheese and I love to ‘surprise’ my crew with a cereal bar or individual packages of trail mix….sure helps with budgeting and impulse buying too. I hate to say “no” to my youngsters.
    I also remember learning to use tools from my dad. He was a old school plumber and I know I completed my apprenticeship as a teen :-)

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