Can a Mamma Rest? Just 5 Minutes

Today I’m joining Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. The rules? Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Today’s topic: REST

As a mamma of five – wow is that me? – I wonder if rest even exists these days. Even as I write Mr. Easy is crying because everyone left him on the floor and Little Miss Colonel is howling because she can’t have TWO fruit snacks. Do I ever rest?

Then in the way only He can, the Lord reminds me how rest is not always a physical respite but peace in a momma’s soul. I remember the scare of sick children and the horror when I couldn’t control a wayward toddler. My mind returns to a moment when my baby was not my own and only God could protect him and I know I’m at rest.

I rest in His assurance. I release my clenched fist and rest in the ability to let dreams fly. I thank the Lord for His gift of a gentle breeze and I smile at little paper plates, each one “decorated” by Scarfunkle with a monster truck, guitar or some other special picture for the recipient. My rest is knowing my children love eachother even though the dishes aren’t done. They are safe even though I can’t keep them from ripping the hood out of a coat they tried to airlift eachother from the deck with.

I rest because He does not and I see that our life, though not what I ever imagined, is full of joy no matter what comes.


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Won’t you write for 5 min on REST and join us?

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10 thoughts on “Can a Mamma Rest? Just 5 Minutes”

  1. Happy I clicked over from the link-up. Love your little space in the blogosphere, and those little smiling faces to my right, super cute, and their names crack me up. Especially, Captian Obvious, too funny.

    I wonder all the time about rest. How I need it crave it, and yet take such little time for it.

  2. Thanks for sharing today. Knowing that God is truly in control makes resting so much easier!

  3. Jessie! Oh this is so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes! I’m way past the stage of little ones running around the house, but I remember and cherish the memories! I am loving this 5 minute challenge! It produces such beautiful words!

  4. So true! The inner peace, the kind I feel deep in my soul, is the kind of rest I need most anyway. Love the pictures – your kids are adorable!

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