Boy’s Birthday: “Dirt” Cake Inspiration

Cake with a tractor pushing "dirt"

In eleven 1/2 years of marriage and ten years of motherhood I can’t remember decorating a cake. At least not one worth calling “decorated”. Maybe a bit of sprinkles or a gel frosting pen with the child’s name.

But after been spoiled by my incredibly talented cousin Janice at Soulshine Creations it just doesn’t seem like a birthday without a pretty creative cake.

When Loud Kiddington’s birthday came around I thought I couldn’t let Janice have all the fun and so I decided to try. I went hunting on Pinterest for little boy cakes and found many elaborate creations but few square cakes and I already had the shape so I was stuck.

I had discovered a sale on gluten free cake mix and Matt made it right when we got home but I quickly claimed it for my project. Apparently he hadn’t realized Loud’s birthday was the next day. Poor hubby thought he was gonna eat cake right then. ;)

To create this cake I used a 9X13 pan and cut the end off to use for “bricks” or dirt or whatever that pile is. In the future I’d make two and put a thin layer of frosting between two layers of cake instead of the single layer.

top view of cake

Using powdered sugar, cocoa, a small amount of butter, rice milk and vanilla I whisked up a delicious gluten free frosting. Because of the cocoa I didn’t have to color the frosting. I cut the bricks and pasted them in a pile with more frosting. Added a tractor and then two big boys decided mom’s creation needed authenticity so they build a Lego dump truck.


Digging for a tractor in a real live dirt pile. Zero dollars.

Disinfecting with soap and really hot water. Thirty cents.

Add candles and a proud birthday boy….

boy blows out his candle


Today is Muddy Mama Monday! Share your kids’ messes or your mama successes. Pictures, stories, blog links are all welcome here in the comments or on the Facebook page HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Boy’s Birthday: “Dirt” Cake Inspiration”

  1. Love it! ….He looks so intent on posing;-) Happy birthday Loud Kiddington♪♪♪♫♫

      1. Can i have more of this birthday boy pics? it’s cute and i love it

  2. That is awesome! My oldest son is just about to turn seven and I’m thinkin’ we might just have to try this out. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! You GO Jamie and be sure to email me a picture or tag me on Facebook if you do it. I’d love to see.

    1. When you get a request from a friend, who can say no? ;)

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