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Here are the top posts on Blog Schmog that others enjoyed in May.

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  1. Roosters and Sirens. The sounds of my life.
  2. Cherry Blossom Capers Giveaway and Review
  3. Family Discipleship Simplified-Dad Blog!
  4. Dad’s Top Three Tips for Fun With Kids- Another one by my hubby!
  5. My house through the eyes of a friend. Learning to break the image facade.
  6. Mason Jar Light or the Redneck Chic’s Nightlight. Featured at Melissa K. Norris!
  7. My cake decorating adventure. “Dirt Cake”
  8. Ever felt your possessions weighing on your heart? Impacting the World or Shoes For Sale
  9. WIN a Kindle through June 4th at Nikki Arana’s Author Page
  10. Jesus is blowing me up! How I Know it’s God Talking

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2 thoughts on “Best of May! Share Your Top Post”

    1. Yeah my home page is my top post always but that might be because I click it. Ha! Can’t wait to connect on Pinterest. :)

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