Best of June!

Summer is for long walks in the woods, watching thunderstorms with a cup of cocoa or playing in sprinklers on hot days. I apologize for my absence because I miss you all but I’m soaking up the sun that’s sometimes too rare in North Idaho and enjoying the long uninterrupted days with family that are definitely too rare.

What’s your summer like?

One dad's tips for engaging kids.

My personal favorite post, by my hubby: Dad Blog!

Here are the top posts on Blog Schmog that others enjoyed in June.

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  1. Muslim for a Day
  2. DIY Dryer Ball Set Using Old Socks
  3. Colorless Soul – Finger Paint With Words
  4. Mason Jar Light or the Redneck Chic’s Nightlight. Also featured at Melissa K. Norris!
  5. Trimming a Giant German Angora Rabbit
  6. Me Schmee - My about page
  7. More Tips for a Successful Blog Move
  8. Boy’s Birthday – “Dirt” Cake Inspiration
  9. Toddler walking or talking late, walking or talking early, whatever! Smart kids don’t always start first.
  10. Broken Arm Blessing – the incredible perspective of a ten year old.

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