Approved- He sings over me!

The noises in my head telling me I can’t or I shouldn’t, resound.

But they cannot be silenced by the whisper of my Savior.

I know his voice.

I trust His words.

They bring life, everlasting.

He knows my tendency to be critical and self judging.

No woman is more intense with suspicion of me than me.

But he knows and He tells me.


And again

And again

I’m worth it.

He has a mission for me, a goal that together we will accomplish.


Living because He ordained it.

Loving because He sustains it.

Laughing because He constantly rearranges it.

He rearranges my thinking,

my being

and my meaning.


In him I sing.


That’s what comes of the louder voice that is silent.


Um yes, I had a little too much fun with the new Photobucket editing.

Join The Gypsy Mama to write like you’re finger painting.

Five Minutes worth a million.

The topic is, Loud.

16 thoughts on “Approved- He sings over me!”

  1. “He rearranges my thinking …” Oh, this just gets me. It’s so true! This is one of the most amazing things about God’s work in our lives. He really does change my thinking about all sorts of things!

    I love the way you phrase things: He sustains our loving. He really does!

  2. I agree with Denise ^ I love the way you phrase things!! You say the things all of us are thinking but can’t put into words. I really enjoy your posts : )

  3. Thank you Denise and Sarah. This post surprised even me because I planned to write about my “almost five year old” because I call him Loud Kiddington but God had a little surprise and a sweet reminder during my five minutes. :) After I wrote “The noises,” it was over! Love that about Jesus. He knows what we need and will use anything to get His point across.

  4. “No woman is more intense with suspicion of me than me.”–such truth! I loved this poem/post!

  5. Just beautiful!
    Living because He ordained it.
    Loving because He sustains it.”
    I love it!

  6. Beautiful, Jessie! I love how you’ve tuned your ears to “the whisper of my Savior”. He is mighty enough to drown out the noise of the world with just a breath, yet gentle enough to call his sheep home as only a Shepherd can.

    Thank you for sharing today. I’m so enjoying these little glimpses into your heart.


  7. “No woman is more intense with suspicion of me than me.” Yup, I know that one. :}

    (I think what you did with the photo is great!)

  8. Taylor, yes He sustains me. I’m not much without Him! :)
    Ah thank you Jana. God certainly is rearranging me.
    Charis, I love your name. Thanks for the encouragement and the link. I’ll check it out.
    Monica, so glad you came and glad you can relate. Photobucket has a “stamp” tool. It’s kind of addicting.

  9. Love this passage of scripture and your take on it. I wouldn’t have thought to go there from the word LOUD, but I am so glad you did.

  10. Oh… I love this! I haven’t had enough time in my days to come visiting lately… it’s a shame I have to sleep because the nights are so quiet and I could get so much done… but even here now, my eyes are blurred :) 10:30pm here…

    I really love this line here… “He has a mission for me, a goal that together we will accomplish.”

    Such life giving truth! Be blessed precious mama … I love your smile :)

    1. Michele and Stacie, so glad you are here now and found a minute to be blessed by the truths in God’s word.
      You make me smile!
      Now get some sleep and come back soon. :)

      1. Lol! No worries. I need coffee to think too. ;) I feel like Bambi, “you can call me Susan if you want to.”

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