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I’m a bit of a tomboy with five rough n’ tumble boys, two boot loving little girls and a husband to wrangle. I write and chase chickens on a small farm in North Idaho. I’m a women’s mentor at my home church, Real Life Ministries.

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 I’m passionate about Jesus. I am His pen, His mouthpiece, His daughter but please do not expect perfection. I will forever be a work in progress.

For anyone who feels like a work in progress, sometimes prefers the fail pictures to the posed, is curious about life, faith or country living, this blog is for you. “To live is Christ to die is gain.”

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100 random facts about me:

  1. I’ve been to Japan twice
  2. I’m terrified of bees
  3. I like ZZ-top
  4. I play flute (haha)
  5. I wanted to play trombone but the teacher said my arms were too short.
  6. I always wanted to have 4 boyspic-18
  7. God gave us 5 boys and 2 girls so far, 2 of my kids are from Ethiopia
  8. One of my little girls’ real name is Davie. Matt and I picked her name while we were dating NOT after our first 3 boys. She has the same initials as my best friend and my mom. A promise I made to my best friend in the 6th grade.
  9. I love antiques
  10. I used to say I would live in California over my dead body
  11. Thankfully I’m alive after living in CA 4 yrs
  12. I learned to drive a horse and buggy in Chino CA
  13. I designed and hand drew (not computer drafted) the plans to the house we now live in. 6 re-draws! Very time consuming!
  14. I like sunflowers and stinky daisies (weeds really)
  15. My husband and I met when I was on vacation- we lived 1700 mi apart.
  16. My husband and I courted online (yikes!)
  17. My first car was a “horse”- my grandpa’s Ford Pinto
  18. My third car was also a “horse” a Ford Mustang (I still have it). My favorite birthday present ever was when my hubby bought me an original gas cap for my Mustang.Mustang
  19. On that subject my Mustang “introduced” my husband and I. More on that later.
  20. I have lived in Alberta Canada
  21. I like to collect rocks (not tumbled, buy at a sovenier shop. BIG outdoorsy rocks)
  22. I speak some Japanese
  23. I understand some Spanish (my husband speaks Spanish)
  24. I’m most happy when I’m busy
  25. My love language is quality time
  26. I am terrible at bowling
  27. I hate pink
  28. In highschool my nickname was “Nick” (don’t ask)
  29. In highschool I played basketball (pretty funny for being only 4’11″ I was starting point guard)
  30. I can play about 10 chords on the guitar (slowly)!
  31. I play a little piano
  32. I like to write songs on occasion
  33. I was an assistant band director when we were first married
  34. I can’t play violin
  35. I taught violin class
  36. I’ve never been a bridesmaid only a “matron”
  37. I was in a wedding in Tokyo Japan
  38. We fit all our possessions and two vehicles in the moving semi when we left CA
  39. My sis lived with us when she was 16, I only had one child of my own then.
  40. I did Pampered Chef before going gluten free
  41. My favorite item of clothing is jeansMy Jeans
  42. I have had 4 home businesses since I’ve been married and made about $4! Hehe
  43. I had my first son in a hospital, assisted
  44. I had my middle two sons in birthing centers with midwives, naturally
  45. I had my daughter at home
  46. I was homeschooled when I was a kid
  47. I attended public school when I was a kid
  48. I attended private school when I was a kid
  49. I only moved once as a kid (you do the math, haha)
  50. I went to school to be a teacher
  51. I went to school for music
  52. I speak some Amharic
  53. I love homeschool and have homeschooled my kids but they are currently in public school (that was scary for me).
  54. My husband teaches public school
  55. As a kid I couldn’t wait to move away from “small town America”
  56. As a grown kid I couldn’t wait to get back to “small town America”
  57. I like trucks
  58. I think buying a dog is dumb BUT…
  59. I have a purebred illegitimate CoonhoundWillamina
  60. I’ve had pet rats- two “boys” we were told -they had babies!
  61. I’ve had guinea pigs
  62. I’ve had pet snakes
  63. I’ve had a pet parakeet
  64. I’ve had a pet tarantula (really my brothers) he escaped into the wall of our house, my dad had to remove the trim and wait for him to come out.
  65. I’ve had a pet hedgehog (really my sisters)
  66. Right now I have more than 25 pets
  67. I sponsor a child in Guatemala
  68. I worked at McDonald’s (4 different stores)
  69. I like to run
  70. I hate to ride bikes (my boys love it!)
  71. I like motorcycles
  72. I am the only one in my family with a motorcycle endorsement.
  73. I am the only one in my family NOT to own a motorcycle of my own.
  74. My favorite school subject was English and Literature
  75. My least fav subject was History (my Hubby’s fav- History)
  76. If I hate a food it is probably the texture
  77. I can’t help but touch different fabrics and textures when I’m shopping.
  78. I don’t really like to shop much
  79. I love yard saleing
  80. I was going to be a vet when I grew up
  81. I don’t consider myself grown up- I’m 31
  82. My favorite color is green
  83. My real name is Jessie – not Jessica
  84. I’m named after Jessie Colter- though my dad recently discovered that her name appears to be spelled Jessi
  85. I’ve been a lifeguard
  86. I love backpacking/ camping in the boon-docks!
  87. I lived 11mo in a camping trailer with two/three kids. IOW, I was pregnant during that time and finished the year with an infant.
  88. I lived one winter with no running water that includes NO working potty, pregnant!
  89. I burned my eyelashes off because of a pregnancy craving.
  90. My favorite time of the year is Autumn
  91. I tried learning how to shoe my own horses (I can only do it when the ground is soft otherwise the hooves are too tough!)
  92. I have had stitches in my head
  93. I could get lost in a ROUND room
  94. I love to ride in the mountains alone – yeah that’s smart eh since I have no sense of direction?
  95. I used to compete and jump horses
  96. I grew up in the city (Coeur d’ Alene- small city)
  97. I don’t have any carpet in my house
  98. My favorite wedding gift (besides my wonderful husband) was Fiestaware- thanks Grandma
  99. I don’t jump on bandwagons- that’s why I “don’t blog”
  100. Most importantly I am saved by grace through faith!

17 thoughts on “Me Schmee”

  1. You asked to use my Mommyland poem in your blog on Friday and that is fine with me! I am honored that someone enjoys it enough to use it in their own blog! I hope other moms can appreciate what I’m trying to do via my blog. I would love it if we could all vent humorously with each other. Being a mother is no easy task, but it is a gift. Still, isn’t it easier to laugh through the struggles? I think so. Your comment made my day! I am so glad you enjoyed my poem!

    God bless you!

  2. Exactly my thoughts! We need to vent but humorously because our kids and husbands deserve respect. So do we for that matter, we are after all, children of Christ! I will post a “teaser” and link to your full post. Hopefully you will get a couple readers that way.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope my little Batgirl story can bring a smile – just a goofy little thing that came to me. It looks like our families are eerily similar – I’m from Idaho, we have 3 boys and now a little girl, my wife is a teacher but homeschools our kids (and teaches piano), both my wife and I have done missions overseas. I like that picture as well – taken in Jackson Hole, and it is one of my favorites.

    Looks like you have an interesting blog here. Hopefully I’ll “see” you around. If you’re interested in reviewing books, I’m involved in 2 groups that do it. Feel free to email if you have questions.

    Jason – Spoiled for the Ordinary

    1. Strange but in a good way huh? I guess you noticed that my husband teaches public school. Kinda strange to then homeschool but you know how that goes.

      I’d love to hear about the book reviewing. I’ve been thinking about it but am not sure if I want to be “affiliated”! Ha ha

  4. I am so thankful that you posted to my blog today! I love your blog and your heart for the Lord!

    I’ll be sure to tune back in!

    God Bless!


  5. Are you at all interested in attending the NCWA conference with Brandilyn Collins this May? I would love to have you attend. Since you’re a writer AND a fan, it would be very useful for you. Let me know if you have any questions. Not sure how far away you are from the Seattle area, or if it is possible….I love reading your blog. Since my son was just diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, I am going to learn to love both your blogs. :) Have a blessed day!

  6. Jess – you absolutely may use the Snow recipe in your blog. I “borrowed” it from someone else anyway :)

    Oh boy, your house sounds like a fun place for children. Love that! I’m always looking for fun crafts and such to do with our little Lily Kate, 3 yr old grandaughter, for Camp Pops and Pie. We have “:camp” for our grandchildren every summer (so far we only have 1 grandchild, but are trusting the LORD for many more). I will be back when I have more time to read — the grandbaby is almost here for the rest of the week….yahooo!

    Blessings on you and yours and have a wonderful Christmas!


  7. Uh, I do have one question. WHAT IS YOUR NAME? I finally found “Jessie” but it isn’t Jessie Kiddington. (I didn’t think it would be.) What name do you write under? I haven’t found a list of your novels anywhere on your blog, even under Book Blab. Unless I’m just not able to distinguish them from the online magazine covers, the spoon, the trees, the feet, the cole-caulked dog and the FAB notices.

    1. I love your comments! In two short blurps you had me in awe of our wonderful saviour, in tears, and laughing my head off. :) I’m SO glad you found me. I am honored that you’d like to know about my novels. Well, like you said I’m way behind you (LOL) and I am not a published (yet) author. So, no novels here at this time, they are both partly written and part still in my head! Do pray that God continues to give guideance and helps me maintain a balanced perspective. I might write with a pen name (we’ll see if they let me) it will be J.A. Cheers.

      I can’t wait to get to know more about you. Konnichi-wa! Do itashi mashite. And can I say Do-o zo? Not sure if that made sense.

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