A sweet little random act of kindness.

Saturday I was feeling quite unable (or uninterested) in cleaning house and working on the same old things we always work on so Matt and I jumped in the pickup with a small wad of cash and went in search of yard sales. Most everybody had closed up shop due to the holiday weekend and icky weather.

Finally we found a sale that had a wagon in the front yard and stopped to see if it was for sale. The lady said no and explained that the tires were flat but her grandson (who stood close by with a tired looking scowel on his toddler face) liked to ride in it. We happened to have an electric tire pump in the truck so Matt fixed the wagon for the grumpy boy. :)  The grandma said over and over how glad she was that we stopped. When we drove off the little boy was still nursing that frown but now bumped along in the wagon. I think he probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed but we were happy to have made grandma’s day.

I found another sale and Matt pulled in for me to take a look. The two younger kids got out with us and after I payed for a couple trinkets and started to leave I spotted a vintage looking pastel peach and gray plaid jacket, PeeWee’s size. So I tried it on just as Loud hollered “I gotta go potty!” I yanked off the jacket and tossed it back in the clothes pile, making a bee line for the truck with Pee Wee under my arm football style.

We started to pull away and this lovely older lady flagged us down with the jacket, “Is it okay if she has the jacket? I bought it for her and she looked so darling, she just has to have it for Easter tomorrow!”

Generousity comes in so many different forms. I love how God created us to be a blessing to others. Have you ever had an opportunity to bless someone else or been blessed by an act of kindness?

11 thoughts on “A sweet little random act of kindness.”

  1. that’s so precious! you gave a little and you got a little – how rare it is to see goodness come back to us so quickly!

  2. Yep, just blessed friends with concert tickets yesterday! They said it was the best concert ever! Um, now a little regretful we didn’t go, but not really. Glad we could bless someone who really appreciated it!

    1. Someone shared hockey tickets with Matt and I a while back. It was in some of the best seats in the house. Padded, spacious etc. It felt incredible that someone would be so generous

  3. Oh, i love that story. :)

    My hubby is more on the end of doing things for people. When we travel the mountain roads we have often stopped to help someone who needed chains, or had slid off the road. Of course, now he is “official” in his helping capacity as he has joined the Search & Rescue team.

  4. Great story. Glad you made grandmas day :) so glad peewee got the coat.
    Post up a photo if you can:)

  5. Search and Rescue!? Now that’s my kind of gig. :)

    Sarah, would you believe of all the days to forget my camera, I picked Easter! Even my boys said “Wow Mom, you take your camera everywhere.”

    I’ll pose a pic with the jacket. It’s so dog gone cute and all handmade! My mom has it at the moment, serging the seams so they don’t fray any more.

  6. Enjoyed this story…what a nice thought on Easter Monday. :)
    Bless you.

  7. Wow! What a sweet story… I love how you made the grandma’s day and then I love how that total stranger made yours!! What a blessing it is to GIVE and to RECEIVE!

  8. What a great story! I am glad that you wrote it down so that when you need a pick-me-up you can say ‘remember that time…’

    1. I love leaving stories as a legacy. :) Thanks for visiting!

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