5 Things You Must do Now to Improve Your Facebook Page.

I’m no social media genius but I’ve been studying the Facebook timeline and observing some of the successes and failures of my social media efforts.

It looks like a bunch of rules, which you all know I think are as maddening as trying to match socks, but I am here to tell you, the most important thing is to let your personality shine.

That said, here are my suggestions:

Turn off automatic blog updates like Networked Blogs. I’m still using Networked Blogs but won’t rely on that for publishing posts.

For one, all third party posts are linked together. For instance, on my page ALL my blog posts are lumped in one story called “Posts by Networked Blogs”. So when someone visits my page they won’t see most of my content because it is hiding behind that third party.

Secondly, it isn’t as personal. If you post your own link with a personal question or conversation starter people are more likely to click the link and have a conversation. Intentional and friendly is the best policy.

Turn off Twitter feed. Facebook people don’t like weeding through hash tags and links, they don’t understand that language.

Create a cover image that illustrates your brand or purpose. I’m still working on this but take a look at these Facebook covers. You can tell immediately what their story is. MaryLu Tyndall Author, Angela Breidenbach Author, Michele Suarez Ault, Mom and faith blogger. Get it? Read the rules carefully. Facebook does not allow a call to action, web address, links or any sales information on your cover image.

Tell about your journey. The timeline allows for you to highlight stories that show your journey. Click the star at the top right of your post.

When you highlight a post it gets bigger and takes up both columns so it’s prominent. This would be a great thing to do with your most popular posts, the launch of a book, an adventure you want others to know about. How else can we use the timeline to tell our stories?

Another great feature to help you direct readers to the most important updates is the Pin to Top feature. to find it you click the edit icon that looks like a crayon. You should see a little yellow bookmark and the post will automatically post to the top of your page. I pin posts that get a lot of traffic and highlight my blog mission, “living out loud and encouraging women.

Don’t over post. Facebookers get impatient with too many updates. My experience is that three or four status updates, links, photos and shares a day is about right. More than that and people on Facebook feel you are self promoting and they will quit reading or unsubscribe.

*Update BONUS: Know the rules for contests! I added this because it’s so important to know the rules for Facebook promotions and contests. Here is an excellent article on the topic. This is something that I didn’t pay any attention to and I’ve violated terms of use without even knowing it.

Twitter is a different story and I’ll post my experience there later.

Check out my Top 5 Quick Twitter Tips here!

Do you agree or disagree with my assessment? What is your experience with the new timeline?

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22 thoughts on “5 Things You Must do Now to Improve Your Facebook Page.”

  1. Great job……but I DO NOT like change…..also I am a “hands on” type of person. Thanks for the help with understanding progress.

    LOL! I am doing this on my “new 2 me” tablet:-D

    1. You are preaching to the choir! ;) I don’t like change either but this time I decided to get ahead of it. AFTER a bit of grumbling, mind you.

  2. Great observations and thoughts!
    I heard about the networked blog thing…but can’t remember HOW to turn it off. I took off twitter feed a while ago, at least on my profile, not my pages. And lastly, I guess I tweet way too often, BUT I always try to make it 1) entertaining 2)visual 3) engaging (with a question) OR 4) encouraging by sharing my journey. PLUS, I figure not everyone will see all the fb posts all the time…unless they don’t have many friends, then I can see it get annoying! :)

    1. Gina, you click on the Networked Blog link then you click on your blog and it should take you to an admin page. But I haven’t worried about disabling it since it’s not causing any problems. Instead I just started scheduling my own updates twice on the day I launch a post on both Fb and Twitter using Hootsuite. I’ve yet to have a problem with that lumping posts but we’ll see. :)

      Nope, you probably don’t Tweet too often. With Twitter, you can ALMOST not post too much. Facebook community is different.

      And yes you are right. I find I can post the exact update (though I usually change it a bit) and get a completely different crowd depending on the time.

      AM is the just got to work and I’m bored crowd. LOL
      Noonish is the nap time crowd when kiddo’s are asleep and mama’s want some interaction.
      PM I get a similar crowd but usually different moms.
      Occasionally I post around 4 which usually gets comments from my working friends probably just before the day is over for them.

      Have you noticed a diverse crowd commenting on posts?

  3. Great ideas Jessie! I am still getting to know the new FB Timeline format, too! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

    1. Your blog is so much fun Alison. Thanks for having me.

    1. Melissa, I’d read that it is supposed to make a post sticky (featured at the top) but I haven’t seen that happening yet. So far when you click the star it expands the size so it takes up both columns. I also read something about it being available once a week. Hmm, not sure how that works out. I have yet to see that in action. No doubt it will evolve and once we get it down, change again. :)

  4. Great tips!! Wish they didn’t feel the need to FORCE the change on us, but maybe this one will be like the other “deadlines” they’ve warned about. We are STILL waiting on the forced timeline switch for personal pages and that was first predicted back in September I think?

    1. Ya I like choice too. :) I am finding ways to like this new system though.

  5. You’re so awesome! I do not believe I have read through a single thing like that before. So nice to discover another person with unique thoughts on this subject. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

  6. JESS!! GREAT info, my friend — will try to include this link in our Seekerville Weekend Edition if not too late.

    Hugs and happy weekend!!

  7. Great original content. Thank you for making this topic captivating and clear. Your formatting of the points you made is excellent. I stand in awe of your true writing abilities.

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