25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. RACKS on a budget!

Christmas is looking different for us this year. In the past we’ve enjoyed all manor of advent calendars from candy to gifts but this year the kids have helped brain storm ways for us to give instead. Our plan is to serve, especially those who cannot repay us, and bless others through acts of kindness. Since money is tight we’ve tried to come up with mostly free ways to give.

25 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Sponsor a Compassion child and write to her.
  2. Give to Coats for Kids
  3. Thank the local Firefighters
  4. Give to a midwife center or pregnancy crisis center
  5. Thank your Highway District with a card and picture
  6. Make mug warmers (I did some out of sweaters) and give them away
  7. Visit your neighbors with a card and well wishes
  8. Write to un-sponsored children
  9. Babysit so a husband and wife can have a date
  10. Do the laundry for your mom. *I didn’t say it! ;)
  11. Give away nice gently used toys
  12. Chop firewood for senior citizens
  13. Volunteer in a classroom
  14. Visit a senior center
  15. Write a Christmas newsletter- ours usually goes out in Jan. and includes trivia and prizes for reading and responding.
  16. Christmas shopping for siblings
  17. Support young artists or give a pig!
  18. Do your brothers chores
  19. Send a friendly note or verse to a long lost friend
  20. Pay attention and meet needs. ie give change at the store, hold the door, return carts in the cold
  21. Give eggs to the neighbors
  22. Take food to a bachelor
  23. Make a video for friends and family to see how the kids have grown
  24. Shovel snow
  25. Forget ebay or consignment, give away something you like
Need more?

Here is a list of 100 Ways for Your Family to Make a Difference from We Are That Family.

Although they say it’s more fun to give than receive we have been so blessed in the past by these ideas from other people.

Here are some of the ways our family has received random acts of kindness.

  • Our 200ft rural driveway plowed while we were out.
  • Cookies and visitors at Christmas.
  • Coats for our growing kids.
  • Money anonymously in the mailbox.
  • Gluten free bread mix gift
  • Membership to a favorite writing forum
  • Free Netflix for a year
  • Anonymous donor for a yearly web subscription
  • Surprise dinner
  • Help with housecleaning
I’m sure I’m missing some and there are times when the most precious thing I receive all day is a smile or someone holding the door for me at the store.
QUESTIONS: What are some of your favorite random acts of kindness? Is it harder for you to give or receive?
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8 thoughts on “25 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. RACKS on a budget!”

  1. SOOOOOOO cool. Thanks for planting the seeds…

    1. I’m glad you can use it but I can’t take responsibility for the seeds. ;) Ha! No, I’m kidding. Have fun and thanks for commenting!

      1. Thanks, Jess for using the talents God gave you. I enjoyed reading your Blog Schmog, and the photos, and all the ideas you shared here and at Women’s Sat Brunch. It’s also nice to know that Matt is a fellow “Lifer” at PFHS and is using his teaching and spiritual gifts in leading a home group– God Bless the Gundersons!

        1. Thank you Monica! What a sweet comment to find this evening. :) I’ll tell Matt too.

  2. I love that your ideas are for those of us on a tight buget! It would be so fun to buy a bunch of gift cards to hand out but…gotta pay that electric bill!!

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