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~Jess Out Loud ~
“Like a shot of vitamin J”

I’m a recovering recluse and the mother of seven, through birth and adoption. I grew up thinking I’d be a terrible mom. I was definitely not the little girl playing house and dreaming of babies, yet here I am and I love my life on our little farm in the Idaho mountains.
With Jesus you can love your life too no matter what you face.

My current novels in progress:
Callie’s life is devoted to bringing criminals to justice but a routine bust turns personal
when she arrests her brother, who was dead.

A prodigal story from the perspective of the older sister.

Solomon’s Solution
My father’s bones, they hold the healing water but he dead.
I be Banchayehu, and all I wanted was for things to stay the same.
Amanda has a mission.
To bring healing through water projects to the slum, Korah, Ethiopia
but the mission is challenged when she meets a toddler boy and her desire to be a mother is rekindled.

Can these two woman surrender to God’s plan for their lives if that means not getting what they first wanted?

Seeking an agent for my completed novel: Unveiled Faces

National talk show host and single dad, Clark Jacobson is sure the Egyptian politician whose life work is planting “churches” designed to bring the three monotheistic religions (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) under one roof, is a terrorist. When the Egyptian senator announces he will run for US President and his exotic secretary allegedly accuses Clark of being Islamophobic and Anti-American, the struggle gets even more personal.

A redemption story about overcoming prejudice and experiencing the heart of God.

I’m a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Your Writers Group, Writer Interrupted and My Book Therapy Voices.